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What You Need To Know About Family Property Transfers And Conveyancing Services In Adelaide, SA

From divorces to succession plans, there are many reasons why you might need to transfer property from one owner to the next, all within the same family. At Adelaide Conveyancing, we’ve often encountered clients who assume that this process of property transfer should be somehow ‘less formal’ or ‘less complicated’ than buying or selling a house. There is a misconception that, since these property transfers occur within a family setting, they don’t need to be grounded in the same legalese as other property settlements.
Family property transfers need to be just as formal as any other type of property settlement. Hiring a qualified team for conveyancing services in Adelaide is a good way to make sure that your family property transfers carry the same legal weight and validity as property transfers made outside the family.
At Adelaide Conveyancing, we are happy to offer our services to help you and your family members through the complicated property settlement process. We have been conveyancing in SA for 27 years now and have handled everything to do with buying and selling houses. Family transfers are also among the services that we provide.

Understanding the Different Types of Family Property Transfers

There are various reasons why you might need to initiate a legal transfer of property within a family. These include:
  • Divorce: When a couple chooses to end their marriage, the divorce process involves a division of assets. If both spouses share joint ownership of a house, then the home would be a major part of the asset division process. The settlement may stipulate that the house has to be sold and the proceeds from the sale split evenly between husband and wife. Alternatively, the arrangement may outline that full ownership of the house will be transferred to one member of the couple. Either way, an SA conveyancing team would help to navigate the sale transfer and ensure that all settlement stipulations are met.
  • Death in the Family: Parents or grandparents often leave their homes to the children or grandchildren when they pass away. Estate executors will usually hire conveyancers to ensure that these property transfers occur as the deceased outlined in his or her will.
  • Sub-Division of an Estate: Say a family member passes away and leaves a large piece of land to three or four different family members. In such a case, the family would likely engage a Conveyancing team in SA to divide the land equally, equitably and above all legally among each heir.
Even in less complex cases where a family member is gifting or selling a piece of property to another family member, working with a conveyancer is essential to ensure that the property transfer is legal and enforceable.

Call Adelaide Conveyancing For Family Transfer Conveyancing In SA

Do you need conveyancing services in Adelaide to help you through a family property transfer? If so, give us a call at Adelaide Conveyancing. We would be happy to help guide you through the property settlement process.
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