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Buyers and sellers are represented by different West Beach conveyancers who act on their behalf. Having the same Adelaide conveyancer is not legally permitted because this will almost certainly cause a conflict of interest. So, whether you're buying or selling, we will act on your behalf. If you're the buyer, we'll ensure there is nothing about the property that is likely to prevent you from wanting to buy and will ensure you receive title to the property. If you're the seller, we'll ensure you receive the agreed purchase price before the title passes over.

For buyers, we'll undertake searches to check the title and any restrictions and easements on the property. We'll calculate taxes and other amounts due. For both buyers and sellers, we'll execute legal documents, monitor dates that are critical and attend the settlement to ensure final transfer of the title, liaising with the appropriate financial institution to make sure final payments are made.

We'll always represent your interests and ensure that all questions are answered properly and that all problems are resolved satisfactorily. And we'll do it all for a competitive fee that you'll know in advance.

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Conveyancing in West Beach

Selling or buying a property is one of the most important transactions you will ever undertake and any mistakes in the process can be devastating, both financially and mentally. So you need to use West Beach conveyancing services to ensure no mistakes occur and the process goes as smoothly as possible.

When you’re buying a property, the onus is on you to investigate fully and make sure there are no difficulties or setbacks. Selling is also not without its problems because you want the process to complete successfully on the agreed date and receive your settlement money on time. There is, therefore, a lot at stake for both parties and, as a provider of West Beach conveyancing, we can ensure that everything goes to plan.

Choosing the Right West Beach Conveyancing Services

You need to engage a conveyancer that is familiar with the local property market and with the legislation that applies in the area. We've been providing West Beach conveyancing since 1987 and so know what needs to be done to achieve a successful conclusion. We cover areas all across Adelaide & SA including Somerton Park conveyancing & conveyancing in Park Holme.

Cost is not the most important factor when choosing a conveyancer because you mainly need to employ a firm that you can trust to do the job properly. We can do that, but we'll also do it for a competitive fee that you'll know in advance. We'll also make you aware of other costs, such as search fees, inspection and finance costs, and duty payable to the government so there'll be no nasty shocks. We operate in an honest and transparent manner, so we'll keep you fully updated at all times, and we won't try to hide anything.

We'll ensure that everything happens as it should and that no key dates are missed that could imperil the deal. We'll make sure that everything goes smoothly, that problems are overcome and that the transfer of the title occurs on time with the correct payment of the settlement amount. Altogether, at Adelaide Conveyancing we can handle all the complex parts so you can be assured of a successful outcome.

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