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As a well-established provider of conveyancing services in Somerton Park, we provide a range of services at affordable prices. We can help with all aspects of conveyancing whether you need help with a simple house purchase or sale, a land sale or land division, or you need assistance to deal with family transfers, deceased estates, de-facto transfers and more. We also offer contract advice and private contract preparations. With over 30 years of experience, we're the Somerton Park conveyancing providers you can trust. We put you, the client, at the heart of everything we do, and pride ourselves on providing exemplary service from start to finish.

With us taking care of your conveyancing in Somerton Park, you won't have to worry about complex paperwork, understanding complicated procedures or complying with property regulations, as we take care of it all for you. We'll help you to understand property law in simple terms and we'll always ensure that your rights are fully represented.

And don't worry if things start to go a little awry - we take problems in our stride and love to find ways to resolve any issues that may arise before they become serious. In short, we do everything we can to ensure a successful transfer in line with your timescales. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us; that's why we put such emphasis on providing impeccable customer service. For this reason we have expanded our service areas to all of Adelaide including Port Adelaide conveyancing & conveyancing in Melrose Park.

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If you are looking for an experienced conveyancer in Somerton Park, look no further than Adelaide Conveyancing. Since 1987, we have provided exemplary conveyancing services throughout the area, including Somerton Park. Our experienced and knowledgeable conveyers in Adelaide can assist you with all aspects of land and property purchases and sales. We’ll ensure that your transaction goes smoothly, we’ll deal with any issues that may arise and take you over the finish line with the minimum of fuss.

It’s extremely important to find the right Somerton Park conveyancer to handle your property or land transfer. In the wrong hands, your transfer could be delayed or go completely wrong. At Adelaide Conveyancing, we’ll ensure that you receive the best guidance and assistance on all aspects of land and property transfers to that you can make informed decisions throughout the process. We’ll make sure that all the relevant documentation is fully compliant with the necessary standards and that it’s delivered on time.

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There's a reason why we're still in business after three decades and that's because we provide exemplary conveyancing in Somerton Park and beyond. Our reputation speaks for itself, thanks to the multitude of reviews from our satisfied clients. To ensure that you get a conveyancing service that you can trust and rely on, get in touch with us today either by completing our online enquiry form or dropping us an email at

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We're here to make the whole process of transferring property and land as easy as possible.

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