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It's essential that everything is done properly, and nothing is missed, otherwise the whole process could be delayed or even brought to an end. Our role is to ensure that doesn't happen by making sure everything is done correctly and on time.

We understand how important a sale or purchase is to you and so we'll do all we can to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We are very experienced and knowledgeable, very professional and we're committed to serving our customers to the utmost of our ability. We are now serving more of SA & Adelaide than ever including Somerton Park conveyancing & conveyancing in Park Holme.

From the very first step to the last, we'll work tirelessly to complete the process satisfactorily. at Adelaide Conveyancing we'll provide all the support you need, keep you fully informed and pay great attention to detail so nothing is missed and the sale goes through as required.

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Mitchell Park Conveyancing Services

Mitchell Park conveyancing services are carried out on behalf of a seller and a buyer to transfer the title of a property from the former to the latter. While this may sound simple, it can be a long and complex process that may be fraught with danger and so is best left to a professional Mitchell Park conveyancer.

The contract between the buyer and the seller sets out what is agreed, and the Adelaide conveyancer has to ensure that agreement is adhered to. This involves finding out all available information about the property, disclosing required details, completing and lodging various legal documents and ensuring amounts are paid on time and in full. It’s a process that we, as a provider of conveyancing in Mitchell Park, are familiar and comfortable with.

What our Mitchell Park Conveyancing Covers:

If you're buying a property, we will

  • undertake searches to check the title to the property and identify any easements and restrictions on it
  • prepare, execute and lodge all required documents
  • calculate adjustments for any rate and taxes due on the property at the time of transfer of title
  • monitor all critical dates to make sure they're not missed
  • attend to the property settlement to ensure final payments are made and the title is transferred on time.

When acting for a seller, we'll also deal with the execution of documents, monitor dates and attend to the settlement. In either case, we'll always represent your interests so that all questions and problems are properly resolved, and the process completes to your satisfaction. We'll deal with other parties on your behalf, help you understand what's happening and organise and release funds held in a trust account.

Throughout the Mitchell Park conveyancing process, we'll deal with several legal documents and ensure they are completed and processed correctly. These include the contract that sets out the terms for selling and buying the property, a discharge authority to the bank covering the property being sold if it's mortgaged, a loan agreement and a settlement statement that covers adjustments and the final amount to be paid. Some of these documents are in paper form although the tendency is to move to electronic versions.

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