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With more than 30 years of industry experience, you can rest assured Adelaide Conveyancing will offer a professional and efficient service.

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Although property conveyancers in Adelaide have the required legal training, conveyancing also requires specialist skills that aren't available to every lawyer. At Adelaide Conveyancing, we have all these necessary skills as well as a lot of experience in property transfers.

We know that both buyers and sellers have obligations under the sales contract and that these have to be met by specific dates. So we'll always make sure everything is done correctly by the required date so that the whole process isn't held up or even, in the worst case, terminated. This could cost the buyer a lost deposit as well as the property they want to buy while the seller may have to start again, looking for a new buyer. So you can be assured we'll do our best to ensure that doesn't happen.

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Moving house can be an exciting time but that excitement can soon turn into disappointment and frustration if things go wrong. So our aim at Adelaide Conveyancing is to provide Melrose Park conveyancing services that ensure everything runs smoothly.

We understand that all properties are different and that the expectations of buyers and sellers may vary. So although all Melrose Park conveyancing generally follows a similar path, we treat every case as unique and give each one our individual attention. We are now covering more of SA & Adelaide than ever including West Beach conveyancing & conveyancing in Mitchell Park.

All Types of Conveyancing in Melrose Park

Conveyancing is required for the transfer of ownership of any property, whether it is vacant land, land with a building on it or an apartment within a property. It's also necessary if you want to update a title (such as registering the death of a co-owner, removing, changing or registering an easement, or sub-dividing land). Some transactions are more complicated than others and this will be reflected in the cost of the service.

Whatever the cost, you will be informed of our fees in advance, so you have no commitment until you decide to go ahead. There may also be other costs, such as for building and pest inspections, and for obtaining the required information. However, we'll always let you know what fees are involved and what the overall cost will be so there won't be any nasty surprises. It's part of our policy of always being honest and transparent with every client.

Both the buyer and seller need a Melrose Park conveyancer to look after their own interests and ensure they get the right outcome. Each of you will therefore have to pay your own fees and costs, although we'll always tell you in advance what these will be.

Very few properties in Australia are sold on a leasehold basis so there's no transfer back to the original owner after a set number of years. Instead, the vast majority of contracts will be 'Torrens titles' so you have 100% ownership of the complete property, both the land and the buildings on it. However, you will normally take out a mortgage to finance your purchase so the bank will have a significant stake in the property until you repay the loan.

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